Case Study: Trade Roots

Trade Roots is a hands-on business — many, many hands. This store brings you furnishings that showcase many calloused hands, be they Chinese, Indian or North American, that over time and generations have burnished the worn shine of an antique. Being unique, as they truly are, Trade Roots needed a unique website that would store and transmit the energy their furniture and crafts are overloaded with. It was successfully done by using simple and accessible menu structure visually connected to vintage fonts and presentation. The whole artistic impression is featured by taking and selecting the images that would best represent Trade Roots.

Case Study: Compass West Aviation


Compass West Aviation is an advanced flight training centre in Sidney, B.C., Canada. They required a website which allowed prospective students to find out more about what set their training apart from the competition. The site introduced the instructors involved, outlined the advanced tools used, such as a full-motion flight simulator and highly capable aircraft, which were critical to achieving higher than average pilot competency. Not just an informational website, it also worked to organize new students and have their training information centralized, deliver critical performance and navigation documents to students and showcase original streaming media. Computer hardware necessary for the new school was also configured as well as ongoing technical support for the Redbird FMX full-motion simulator.

Case Study: Sound Hounds


Sound Hounds is the premier audio retailer on Vancouver Island. They truly are the best in the business with knowledgeable staff who have been all been working in the industry for decades. Sound Hounds needed a site that would showcase their product lines, put clients in touch with them, and support the growth of a future web store. Their desire was to have simple site, without overbearing visual effects or fancy gimmicks. The flexibility to create or modify content, as well as social media integration, allows them to easily and simply release new and exciting information to their client base.

Case Study: Sandhu Singh

Sandhu Singh

"A watercolor medium is unforgiving and complex, but there is softness to it. This medium has taught me patience, perseverance and acceptance. It reminds me to let go and just be. When I paint I become fearless which allows me to look at life from a different perspective" says Sandhu Singh about his painting. His site had to represent himself and his work and it was done by adding image gallery of his photos and his work, audio record of the interview he gave to CBC North by Northwest after he was awarded as being 'Best in Show' by Sidney Fine Arts in 2011, list of his accomplishments, list of upcoming events and much more.

Case Study: Global Remote Sensing

Being the leader in the industry of the aerial acquisition and photography reproduction and working with cutting edge technologies as LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging - an optical remote sensing technology that can measure the distance to, or other properties of a target by illuminating the target with light, often using pulses from a laser) and Hyperspectral sensor platforms, Global Remote Sensing requested cutting edge website. Being flexible and supporting cutting edge technologies our team decided that the FLASH technology is the way to go. We finished flash site in timely manner adding custom transition types, scrolling, custom sound effects and navigation.

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