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Graphic Development and Branding

Cypress Web Studios is highly-experienced in working with clients to develop company branding and graphics for web and office medium. Our in house team, or highly-specialized associates, ensure professional artwork with staying power as your business continues to grow.

Powerful Platforms

Web design has changed dramatically over the years; it has finally culminated to give clients the power and autonomy to easily edit and modify content on their website without the need to consult their webmaster. The future is Content Management Systems, highly flexible websites designed for growth, content, and multiple contributors.

Hardware Infrastructure Consulting

Computer infrastructure can represent a massive capital investment for many companies; getting it right the first time saves money, plain and simple. Cypress Web Studios is more than just a web design company, we are a team of IT professionals who have worked in the geospatial, aviation, and computer industries.

  • Graphics
  • Client Editable
  • IT Consulting

Cost Effective

Simply the lowest cost around. Simple, fair, all-inclusive web domain hosting that can't be beat by anyone, period.

Blogs & Forums

Keep your community connected; we can rapid launch popular blog systems like Wordpress and online forums.

Google It

Be found with search friendly sites, indexed on Google's search engines and mapped in Google Maps.

Better Email

IMAP mail servers: access all sent and received emails, synced, no matter what computer you access it from.


Case Study: Sound Hounds


Sound Hounds is the premier audio retailer on Vancouver Island. They truly are the best in the business with knowledgeable staff who have been all been working in the industry for decades. Sound Hounds needed a site that would showcase their product lines, put clients in touch with them, and support the growth of a future web store. Their desire was to have simple site, without overbearing visual effects or fancy gimmicks. The flexibility to create or modify content, as well as social media integration, allows them to easily and simply release new and exciting information to their client base.

Case Study: Sandhu Singh

Sandhu Singh

"A watercolor medium is unforgiving and complex, but there is softness to it. This medium has taught me patience, perseverance and acceptance. It reminds me to let go and just be. When I paint I become fearless which allows me to look at life from a different perspective" says Sandhu Singh about his painting. His site had to represent himself and his work and it was done by adding image gallery of his photos and his work, audio record of the interview he gave to CBC North by Northwest after he was awarded as being 'Best in Show' by Sidney Fine Arts in 2011, list of his accomplishments, list of upcoming events and much more.

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Mobile Browsing

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One major game changer in recent years is the use of mobile platforms for browsing. Cypress Web Studios creates mobile sites relating just the most critical information optimized for handheld devices using Apple's iOS, Google's Android, other platforms.

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